Secession 2 Has Begun

Week one of Session 2 is coming to an end, thus marking the fact that this time next month I’ll be in Beijing with my mom before finally heading home. It’s strange to think that I’m nearly finished. I can honestly say that it is a truly bitter-sweet sensation. Being in Shanghai has been a life-giving experience. I’ve met wonderful people and have done some of the most memorable things; that being said, as I mention in the video, I am finally starting to miss home (I’ll add that I think this feeling is linked to the fact that I’m physically sick as well). But we cannot dwell on that there is so much to do.

The people. This group is entirely different than the last group.  Where the last group was rather small fairly laid-back, chill, and open to learning about China through it’s food, language, and culture, this group is twice the size of the first and their personalities are virtually the direct opposite. The majority of people enjoy “living-it-up” and are here to study business, a good number of people are not even taking Chinese, nor do they desire to learn the language or experience the food. This has been a week of transition. Oh yeah! There’s another person from Xavier here in Shanghai. Since Xavier told me that I was going to be here alone all summer, this fact came as a total surprise!  While neither of us knew either before the trip, it’s great to have someone to relate to–That’s the Power of X!

Well, as much as I’d like to keep typing, I really must go. Having stomach problems is not fun.

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