The Busy-Person Update

Unnamed Busy-Person: “Bobby, I live a busy life and haven’t been able to keep up with your blog. Can you just give a quick update to let me know what you’re doing?”

Me: “No problem friend! You’ve come to the right place. This is the update for the ‘busy-person’ back home.”

The video does a great job highlighting the main points of the trip so far, but feel free to check out more of the blog. I’ve updated this blog every few days, so if you’re left salivating after watching the update, then you can get a virtual play-by-play of my study abroad experience without evening leaving the comfort of your seat. But let’s keep this short, we don’t want your boss to notice that your productivity is on the decline. Quick watch the video then GET BACK TO WORK YOU BUSY BODY!

For those that found my Reba McEntire far too obscure, here is a link to the YouTube Video for the song.

Below I wanted to also add a very small selection of photos that I really enjoy.

Now that's the Power of X!
Representing Xavier University from across the world that the Shanghai Pearl Tower!

Fei Fei!
This is Fei Fei, my Chinese Teacher, we were laughing in this picture so we look a little strange. We laugh a lot!

Now that's the Power of X!
Marketing Xavier University from around the world at Yuyuan Garden!

The result of including “pictures” into the lesson plan…
Michael, Emily, Lucy

Xitang is a thousand year old water village located roughly 100 km. away from Shanghai. The final scene of Mission Impossible 3, as well as several other Chinese inspired movies, was filmed here.

Hundreds of Buddha’s are caved into the mountain on Lingyin Temple grounds, this is the most famous laughing Buddha.

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  1. I miss you, Bobby! Love your busy persons blog. Thanks for all the updates. I read them and enjoy them but have been horrible about communicating with you. I’ll respond to your email soon. Promise. 🙂


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