Day 5, staying alive

I write this as I’m forced to stay awake because the Korens next door are drunkenly playing guitar and singing horrible rendentions of “It’s Been a Hard Days Night,” “The Scientist,”  and some songs that I can only assume to be in Korean. Plans to find vocal coaches and/or ways to get away with murder are in the works… Aside from that, life in Shanghai is great. Earlier I had an interesting Hot Pot dinner with some of the people from USAC, the restaurant put us all the way in a back room and I’m pretty sure everyone who worked there came to watch us randomly throughout our meal–we were their free entertainment.

As appetizing as that may not have looked (it really was tasty, no lie), I was still hungry later and ended up getting some good street food right outside of the university. I had this deliciously spicy chicken on a stick and two slices of sweet bread. It was great! Good way to end the night!

Now for the next video installments:


  1. Bobby,
    I have enjoyed your videos, etc SO… much! I feel like I am there with you. You are having an experience of a lifetime!
    You are so funny too. I have laughed so much about so many of your comments.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Brenda (Kevin’s mom)


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