An Interesting Day

Monday was to say the least “interesting.” First day of classes, yay!, first day to really just explore, yay!, and the first day to run into a little trouble, yay!(?) Being in China for just a little over an 48 hours has been interesting, there is a part of me that feels like I’ve been here for a much longer–Molly Robertshaw was right, time does move at a different pace when everything is new and you’re constantly learning.

First of all I have to tell you about the food, damn! There is an awesome Muslim place that makes fresh noodles! As in you order your meal, you watch them take dough and fly it around to make noodles (there will be a video coming within a day or so as I will be returning there soon!), it is honestly some of the tastest noodles I’ve ever had!

Then there’s the fun, Shanghai is the largest city in the world (in size and population), the things to do are endless (refer to the video on bars and prostitutes) and there are so many people to meet. Not far from 上海大学 (Shanghai University) is a large open-air market where people are selling live fish, chickens, & duck. I mean things were really alive, I saw several fish jump out of there holding bin, and one duck start to fly away from its final moments of life. It is truly a different atmosphere and way of living over here, could you imagine something like this in America? Surely PETA would be up flying off its rocket!

And the studying, learning Chinese in China is truly a unique learning experience. You obtain both the practical and the academic levels of learning. I highly recommend everyone who wishes to learn a language to study it in its native land. It’s also reassuring to order something or speak to someone and see them understand what you are saying.

Well that’s about it for the writing, now for a little intros for the videos:

The first one is a little long.. It was right after my first class so you can understand my excitement.

This second video is my walk to class, not at all exciting! I only put it on here cause I know my mom would want to see it (gotta make the financial backers happy!). Everyone else, feel free to skip it.

This final video is all about bars and prostitutes (need I say more?)!


  1. I definitely understand feeling like you have been there forever. After two days I felt like I had been there a month… New feeling right???


  2. Seems like quite the adventure already, Bobby! Fun to hear of your adventures. Here’s to hoping that time continues to move in whatever way you need it to! Be well and take care.


  3. Reading this and watching the videos always makes me smile. I am so happy that you are over there and having awesome experiences. Be careful with those bars..


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