God’s Love on the Approach Retreat

Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice

In honor of Approach sign-ups being due today, we wanted to take a moment to share one of the talks that take place during Approach. Below is a talk entitled, “God’s Love,” and was given in the Spring Semester of 2012. We hope that by reading this talk it will encourage you to sign-up for the retreat, or remind you of your Approach experience.

**Note: If you want the full experience, listen to Bob Marley’s, “Is this Love?” before you begin reading. After reading the talk, listen to The Beatles’, “Hear Comes the Sun.”**

God’s love is something different and unique for each of us.

Some of us find God in nature as we walk and witness the splendor of the awe-inspiring world that has been laid out in front of us. Many of us can walk for hours reflecting under the trees. Some may stop to literally…

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