Repost: What is Love?

Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice

apple pie

What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt me!” … Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

Love, to me, is warm apple pie served over a slice of cheddar cheese (it’s a southern thing) with a very generous size scoop of vanilla ice cream all covered in whip cream. Love is a couple thousand dollars spent on education. Love is served in a chilled glass and poured out of a Makers Mark bottle. Love is many things and everything. Love is totally giving up of oneself for another person.

To give more means to love more.

When my grandfather died last year, I was a babbling mess: tears-streaming, snot-flowing, body-shaking, bumbling mess… Ok maybe I wasn’t that bad, but this is my story, so I can tell it how I want! Anyways… While I was trying to figure out how to piece my life back together, I started to remember…

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