One week AND counting!

My home for the past three months.

I hate recanting what I say in the video on the blog, but I really don’t have much to add… But I will say that the list below of Things that I will miss in Shanghai does contain more things than what was mentioned in the video, and visa versa, so that’s something to be excited about!

Things that I’ll Miss In Shanghai

  • Muslim Noodle
  • Tomato Store
  • Sichuan Place
  • Front Desk Lady and Dorm People
  • Internet Restrictions
  • The Dogs – Frank & Janet
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Umbrellas, Chinese Fans, and couples
  • RT Mart + Daning Area
  • The Different Menu items offered at KFC
  • Fancy Pizza Hut/Papa Johns
  • My Classes
  • Fei Fei
  • You Sha
  • Language Partner
  • Michael, Emily, and Lucy

As many are aware, I have been studying the Catholic Church in China and have finally finished my research, which was far more extensive than it should have been, but now it’s finished and the following link will take anyone interested to a PDF File: Catholic China.

Being in Shanghai has truly been a fantastic experience, I have been changed in countless ways that I am no where near processing. It is seriously hard to imagine that I have been on the other side of the world for three months. I seriously cannot thank everyone enough for following my blog. I am extremely excited to see everyone when I return. I have been gone for far too long!

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