A trip to Nanjing

At this point, it’s easier to count down the number of days–17–than it is to count the total number of days–68–that have passed since I have been here. Traveling to Nanjing was a great experience it was an educational trip that allowed me to learn a great deal more about the history of China.  Being one of the more historic cities of China, Nanjing offered more of a balance between the modern and the ancient than what you find in Shanghai. Where Shanghai has an affinity towards the new, Nanjing seemed to still find richness in the old. While at the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, I was told about the Republic of China, the Democratic party of China that ruled in China for several years before Chairman Mao took over. It was interesting to be at a place that celebrates a man, and his teachings, in a government that very much frowns on even glancing favor towards what Dr. Sun Yat-sen believe. Could you imagine what China would be like today had he not have died from cancer at a young age? China, and in some regards the world, would look entirely different if his influence would have lasted longer.

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