This is a Tragedy

Daniel Cameron said it well, “This is a tragedy and sometimes the civil law is not adequate in acknowledging a tragedy.”

This as a problem with the system.

Prosecutors of grand jury trials have a hand on the wheel and have the ability to steer the decision. Unlike a civil or criminal jury with a judge, a prosecutor is able to influence and present whatever particular materials they may deem important.

This is troubling.

The grand jury, under the direction of the AG, decided to not investigate the merits of the warrant. Government officials should look into every aspects and not pick-and-choose which aspects of the case they deem important. We are after all a government “for the people.”

According to the reports, there were no drugs found at the home. According to the warrant, they went to the home of Breonna Taylor because of her connection to a drug dealer. If knowing a drug dealer is grounds for a warrant, then police could easily come to my home, the home of some family members, and the homes of countless other people.

We need to examine the laws. We need to examine the racist history behind the “war on drugs” that led to this warrant. We need to examine the problems that surround cyclical and systemic poverty.

This situation, and the past several months have revealed that we have a system that places property over people, money over men and women, power over the oppressed. Our country is failing its people—the black people in the inner cities that lack access to jobs, grocery stories, and medical facilities. Our country is failing its people—the rural whites who feel isolated and unheard because the nearest grocery store, hospital, and reliable jobs are miles away. Our country is failing its people—the people living in the suburbs who struggle to makes ends meet and see their companies receive tax breaks, while their taxes increase. Our country is failing its people as more money funnels into the hands of the politicians, lobbyists, and corporations and way from schools, healthcare, and social services.

We are experiencing a tragedy of systematic proportions, and currently the civil law is not adequate in acknowledging this tragedy.

It’s time we start changing the laws.


  1. Bobby: Thanks for another thought provoking and well done post.
    I agree. But we should start by considering the root causes of this complex dilemma in our nation.
    As with complex problems, the root cause
    annslysis is difficult but not impossible.
    I think there are a very few in this case.
    If we further analyze them, we will begin to see our way forward. We have been analyzing and have focuced on two root causes. Once we have clarity and agreement on them, we can develop an action plan to help see the path forward. But it will take a strong will of t he people. Best regards, John


  2. The source of our nation’s struggle is the lust for power ( greed ). We have become an oligarchy. Democratic institutions have been eroded and corrupted by the influence of money and the ever widening economic gap among classes.


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