On the Lighter Side: Camino Humor

On the lighter side of the Camino.
Below is a collection of funny lessons learned and tidbits gained from the Camino.

  • Always checking to make sure the restroom has toilet paper before you sit down.
  • The intricacies of blister maintainence
  • Becoming comfortable with not only seeing your feet, but also strangers’ feet, at a dinner table.
  • Learning to communicate with grunts, hand jesters, and strange looks when you don’t share a common language.
  • Learning that it’s sometimes ok to use the women’s restroom
  • Double checking your passport 5 kilometers into the walk, and triple checking again 2 kilometers later.
  • Knowing the different smells between various Europeans.
  • Learning when it’s acceptable to pee in public.
  • Learning the best ways to share and toss shampoo bottles in the showers.
  • How to sleep through snoring and other “intimate” sounds in a room with 100 other people.
  • Seeing far too much and far too revealing PDA, and having to be “ok” with it.
  • The best ways to “stretch.”
  • Automatic lights never give enough time for even the quickest bathroom visits.
  • Push button showers with limited spray time teach you how limber your arms become once you need to rinse your back.
  • A bottle of wine is only enough for one person.
  • That it is possible to cook an entire dinner without a pan, skillet, or utensils.
    • It is also possible to eat said dinner without plates, knives, or forks.
  • The differences between 18 year olds and 28 year olds is only limited to understanding obscure 90s references.
  • Knowing exactly how long it’ll take to walk 5 kilometers, but not at all aware of how long it’ll take 5 miles.
  • Learning that siesta is a great concept, but when you’re a starving pilgrim and they can only serve olives cause the cooks are sleeping is total bullshit.
  • Eating as much bread and ice cream your heart desires and knowing that you’ll still lose weight at the end of the day.
  • Smelling your clothes at the end of the day and deciding if you can wear it again or if you’ll finally have to wash it.
  • Having an absolute hatred towards bikers… especially those who just assume you’ll hear them coming without making any noice whatsoever.
  • Hand washing your clothes also means rewashing your mid-section because it’s near impossible not to splash.
  • Learning how to find and guess free WiFi passwords.
  • People who wake up before 6 am both in America and on the Camino are the worst people.
  • Stumbling upon people who speak English is both terrific and terrifying
  • A block of cheese does count as a meal.
    • If it’s accompanied by bread and wine, it’s even more filling.
  • Spanish milkshakes and not the same as American milkshakes, but when you’re having a milkshake it really doesn’t matter.
  • You could easily steal from a pilgrim so long as you can walk just barely faster than them.
  • Cafe con leche is life.

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  1. Such comedy in true life situations. Had me in stitches! Just wondering – how can I eat all the bread and ice cream I want and still lose weight? We could bottle that bit of info and make a fortune. Oh you make me laugh. So good to see you happy.


  2. Bobby⭐️,
    After reading thru your list of funny lessons and tidbits, I quickly realized that I am way too old and soft to make this journey.
    My Prayers Are With You Bobby⭐️!!!


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