Short Walk to Pamplona

Stage 3: Larrasoaña to Pamplona 

Official: 14.82km // iPhone Step Count: 17.18km

After an extended day in the rain, arriving last night in Larrasoaña was a comfort I deeply needed. With a hot shower, clean cloths from a washer AND dryer, we were ready to concourse a new day to Pamplona.

Prior to the Camino, I would not have considered 15 kilometers a “short walk,” but after having walked nearly 30 km two days going, this barely got out blood flowing. Arriving in town by 10am, we struggle to discover what we might possibly do with our time. While Pamplona is beautifully historic, adding steps to our tired feet did not seem ideal. 

With presently blistered heels, I sat upon a bench outside our albergue holding a spot for our beds and watched the world pass by this ancient roadway. As pilgrims approached with heavy packs and tired backs we each slumped over against the wall waiting for the former church to open its doors. This part of the Camino is one of my favorites, pilgrims converging and sharing their stories. Aches and pains become one. Views and moments shared as we weave our steps together. While absolute strangers, these men and women as young as 17 and as old as 90 from nearly 20+ countries as gather and walk as one. 

That is my image of heaven. 

People gathered from all walks of life, sharing and uplifting one another though their joys and pains. A time of unrelenting acceptance. No one judges another pilgrim, when one arrives we cheer on their successful journey, and when they part we wish them well. If only we could do this with every person that we meet, could we make heaven possible here on earth?

The Camino, just like life, takes its toll on people. As fellow pilgrims, we are called to do our part to support those pilgrims we walk with now, and those who will arrive tomorrow. Why add to the stress of the life, any more than the Camino will already provide? If only we could take that attitude into our daily lives, how wonderful might this world be?

If you don’t grab a bull by it’s horns you’ll get run over.


  1. Bobby⭐️,
    I always enjoy knowing what you are thinking on this journey. That is amazing that there is a 90 year old making this walk.
    Take Care of Those Blisters,


  2. The picture of the bell looks like you must have stayed at the convent at Zabaldika!
    Yes? We rang that bell… a holy moment!


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