Celebrate Election Day!

Regardless if you voted for Trump or Hillary, today should be a celebration of our democracy. We cannot accept the narrative that one political party, or one political candidate, despises or hates the other. That rhetoric is deceitful, distasteful, and untrue. We are a diverse nation, and tonight the eyes of the world are looking towards us. May our actions and our response be one that we wish to show in the light for all to see. May we be an example of a nation united, not one divided. May we accept the outcome of tonight, and accept the decisions of one another. For the decision to support a particular political candidate is not one that is made lightly, rather it is rooted, I believe, in love. For that love that motivates us behind a particular political candidate, is the same love that motivates us behind our family and friends. It is our conscience that guides our light and our truth.

As election results stream in, may we not look at them as death nails, but rather as beacons of hope, as beacons of light, as celebrations of our democracy!

A Prayer by Fr. James Martin S.J.

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