Having finished my Camino earlier than anticipated, I am now following the cheapest flights across Europe with my first stop being Barcelona. 

Barcelona is a magical city. Tourists travel from all corners of the globe to flood this coastal city with more people than call it home. For centuries this region has played host to artists and architects and their wonder moves beyond that of its enticing facade.Sitting on the beach, tanners bathe along the coast unveiling all folds of their skin to the warming sun. Traders line the streets and markets unfold between every alleyway and byway. Basilica reach into the sky and continue their centuries old construction. 

Even though I’m only here for a pitstop, I’ve been enchanted by its waters. The Sagrada Famila being the pinnacle of my experience here. 

Sunlight illuminates the naves and the treelike supports echoes the forest its reflects. The majesty of God that Antoni Gaudí so intricately designed is beautifully brilliant. Every detail attempts to paint the complex story of Christ as your eyes read the beauty before them. 

“The Passion” side of the Sagrada Famila reveals the events of the stations of the cross. The lower supporting columns are to resemble straining muscles pained by crucifixion. The upper columns are that of ribs constricted from the crushing lack of oxygen.
“The Nativity” entrance depicts events surrounding the birth of Christ.
The doors to the Cathedral spell Jesus in multiple languages.

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  1. Bobby*, This is an absolutely incredible structure. Thanks for the pictures. God Bless You Always !!! Bergy

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