Day 31

Day 30. Gonzar to Melide. 31.5 km
Day 31. Melide to Salceda. 25.5 km

Tomorrow I will arrive in Santiago de Compostela. 

It is difficult to describe the wide mix of emotions I feel. In a way, I am surprised by the sheer amount of joy flowing through my veins. For the past several days the energy among the pilgrims has been palpable. Our pace has quickened and each one of us have surged with delight knowing our completion is fast approaching.

My body has never felt better, sure I ache, but even with my pack I have quite literally held myself back from breaking off into a sprint. While I will continue on for 90 more kilometers to Finisterre, I am ready for the major leg of my journey to be completed. I am ready to arrive in Santiago. I look forward to my embrace with St. James. 

These last few days have been quite a blur. I have met up with people I have not seen since day 3 and have shared stories and laughter as we reminisced the past month. Today, I shared an intimate conversation with a fellow walker expressing our fears of the question, “How was the experience? What did you learn?”

I do want to try and grasp for words as I imagine my experience on the Camino, but I know that words will barely scratch the surface. Beyond the farmers tan, the transformation from this experience has genuinely been internal, so the surface is the last place I’d wish to describe. When time permits and St. James has graced me with his presence, perhaps then I will have words to describe the transformative lessons that have embraced me, but for now I dream of the stars-the namesake of Santiago. 

Sunrise over Spain
My main companion, my shadow, has been in front of me this entire trip.
Ice Cream and Wine. The two items regularly found in Lisa’s hands.
Cows clogged the road. I had my own San Fermin.

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