Day 25

Day 25. Molinaseca to O’Cebreiro. Approximately 31km up a mountain. 

Waking up this morning, we began our walk westward. In the distance a range of mountains spanned the horizon, by the end of the day I would be standing on its peaks.

Along the Camino, each parish offers a mass specifically for the pilgrims blessing them along their journey. Not everyday, but often, I have attended this mass. Today was the first time it was in a language I could understand, English. The readings today had two messages; from the Prophet Hosea, remember that you are loved by God; and from Matthew, the call of the apostles, and the reminder that we are all called. 

The priest, a Franciscan Friar from California, reminded to us that our decision, our call, to begin the Camino is, just as in life, an opportunity for us to discover the love of God in each person we meet. Walking this Camino, has truly been a testament to that revelation.

This journey began as an experience of the body. Feet and legs adjusting to the pain. The daily working of our muscles growing to their rigorous exercise. Blisters forming into calluses. As the journey continued the experience transitioned to the mind. The will to continue walking. The difficulty to stay positive. The struggle to convince yourself that you’re just crazy enough to be walking across the entire width of Spain. In this final stage, the pain has subsided and my will has strengthened and now the experience is shifting to the soul. 

Our repetitive experience has allowed us to move together in harmony. Even when others join late along the journey, our overpowering chorus beckons them in on our psalm. The way of life is unique along the Camino, we share, we love, and we grow in communion together. Though our way of life is not impossible off of the Camino. Like today’s scripture readings, we are all individually called by God to walk our own Camino, to discover ourselves more fully and to experience the world and the people around us as unique images of God’s grace. 

May each of us discover our own Camino. May we all walk the own path that God, has not pre-planed or pre-destined, but desires and hopes for us. And may we all discover that we and all those around us are loving examples of God’s divine grace. 

Buen Camino! 

This teddy has been my travel companion and gift from my French family.
The seashell, the make of the pilgrim on the way to Santiago.
This was our albergue.
Teresa, Lisa’s friend from STL, completed her first day!

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