To Worship our Human Sacredness

Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice


Sitting on the wall above my desk are five items. Three Icons: Christ of Maryknoll, Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton. A ceramic depiction of the sanskrit word OM. And finally a quote which reads:

A young Buddhist teacher in a Catholic high school was offended by the religious symbols, particularly the chapel. A senior Buddhist on the faculty took him aside and said, ‘You don’t understand. In this school, the moment you enter the gate, everything is chapel. But what makes the school sacred is the students. Wherever the students are is chapel.’

Each of those items hold a special place in my heart. Christ of Maryknoll reminds me to find God on both sides of the suffering fence. Om reminds me that in my struggles, peace can be found in just a simple sound. Thomas Merton and Dorothy Day remind me that even the simplest…

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