This would NEVER happen America!

Apart from what your about to hear about in the video I would also like to mention one other thing that I did today that would never happen in America: Go Karting. This wasn’t just normal “Go Karting,” this karting was ungoverned (aka the went fast!), there was an extremelack of safety  (only a mere helmet), the engine and other mechanical parts were not covered (I discovered this part out by moving my arm onto a rather hot burning motor), and it was attached to a rather active bar (a rather svelte German Woman downed two beers and then smoked me on the race track)! This would never happen in America. Laws would be enacted. People would be sued. Surely there has to be some sanction somewhere that says you cannot order alcoholic beverages and then also purchase a ticket to operate a motorized vehicle (ie, a DUI). This is China, I am not in America, and just about anything can and will happen. As long as that “something” does not involve one of the “taboo T’s” or revolve around a particular date that happened a day or so ago, then the things that would never happen in America, WILL happen here in China.

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