So it begins…

Ok.. It’s been an interesting morning:

  1. My passport and visa arrived just after 7am, yep that’s right before I had to leave for the airport
  2. I told the lady I was sitting with that my major was Theology. BIG MISTAKE. The remainder of the flight from Louisville to Chicago continued with a detailed conversation about religion. (That being said she was a nice lady and it was a good conversation.)
  3. Spoke with Cathay Pacific Airways for longer than I would have wished.
  4. I spent far too much on lunch ($10)… I can’t wait for China prices. 20120518-133449.jpg
  5. also here’s my plane. 20120518-134708.jpg

Time to board!
A brief video that I did while I was sitting and waiting, it’s currently still processing but it’ll probably be done after the 16 hour flight to Hong Kong.

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